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Our owner, Paula has said a few words about what motivated her to sell sportswear that is specifically targeted at petite women.


I have always been into health and fitness, and I go to the gym on a regular basis. I frequently participate in CrossFit™ classes, and this requires great quality gym wear. However, at 5’2”, I have always struggled to find sportswear that meets all my requirements including a great fit and good quality. To try and source gym wear that met my requirements, I bought some of the most expensive branded sportswear, but this left me feeling disappointed. The limited choice of sport clothing for petite women like myself astounded me, but instead of complaining, I thought about what I could do to help petite women like myself. Therefore, I launched my own sportswear aimed at petite women known as, Petite Sport!

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As I have always been passionate about fitness, one day I decided to become an instructor at my local gym. It did not take me long to realise how important it was to have sportswear that I could move comfortably in, and that looked stylish too. Finding clothing that matched my criteria was challenging, and as participated in sports including, running, yoga, and mountain biking, I also understood how important it was to have gym wear that I felt confident in. When I exercise, I am in my element, so looking and feeling good is crucial for me.


I have worked hard to create a range of products that suit the needs of petite women. The range of clothing that we supply online includes the following:

  • Full-Length Leggings
  • Capris 
  • T-Shirts 
  • Tank Tops

All these items of clothing are designed to fit you perfectly, and we have a variation of styles to choose from too. It does not matter what sport you are participating in; Petite Sport has gym wear that is high-quality and suitable for any sporting activity. You can rely on Petite Sport to have the right gym outfit for you. Enjoy your sport, no matter what your size!

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